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Take control of your domain and your costs with our premium Web Packages.

All Hosting Packages feature:
  • Mid or top tier cPanel tools 
  • Internet access 
  • Free setup
  • Free Technical Support
Save a bundle with our Web Packages

DSL Web Packages

Combine the blazing speed of DSL and the total control of cPanel for a solution that’s just right for you. Designed to grow with your needs and return maximum value as your needs grow.

Mid Tier – Web Miser
Top Tier – Web Hosting

Packages Tier Savings

DSL Web Package 1.5 $5 / $10 $39.90
DSL Web Package 3.0 $5 / $10 $49.90
DSL Web Package 6.0 $5 / $10 $69.90
No commitment on any hosting package
              DSL modem or gateway sold separately


Dial-up Web Package

Enjoy the power of cPanel and the affordable mobility of dial-up. Our Dial-up Web Package is an ideal solution for the budget conscience entrepreneur or the developer on the go.

asterisk.gif Annual Discount Pricing

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$24.95/mo effective monthly rate
                                 *Annual Discount Pricing
               Regularly $29.95 (No commitment)

Packages Tier Savings

Dial-up Web Package   $4.95 / $9.95 $29.95